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THE "Espace des Terroirs" ORGANISATION :



Based in the pretty little village of Miège, the "Espace des Terroirs" is a non-profit organisation which aims to offer a range of events and services that will interest passing walkers and local residents alike.


The role of this primarily cultural body is to promote the Espace terroirs and the whole philosophy surrounding it, in other words, our local history, our vineyards, our wines and our gastronomy.


It is actively involved in the local economy and tourist industry, in particular with publicity for the "TERRE ET VIN" building, exploration of the Sentier des Terroirs (Geology and grapes trail), and organising activities.


The "Espace des Terroirs" organisation was formed on 28 May 2012. Its committee currently has 3 members: Grégroire Clavien, Katia Boz Balmer et Grégoire Jilg.

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