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CONFRERIE : «Les Amis des Terroirs» :


Our desire, or even need, to share our history, our knowledge and our activities with others led to the creation of a confrérie (social organisation) called Les Amis des Terroirs. Sounds interesting? Then register right away, and play a part in the history of our locality.


The aim of the confrérie is to foster relationships among people who share the same passion, namely the wine, gastronomy and history of our locality. Meetings of the Amis are convivial occasions and take place throughout the year.


The Amis do not pay a subscription. Simply give us an email address and a postal address, and we will add you to our network so that you receive information and details of events.


Before you join, please read the pdf file containing information about the confrérie! 


I wish to become an Ami des Terroirs, here are my details: 



Vos informations ont bien été envoyées !

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